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Fireplace insert PanTech 75 B CGL d200

Flue base
200 mm
1,617 EUR (1,273 EUR + VAT)
Availability: 1 pcs in stock
Expected delivery: July 23, 2024
Shipping fee: Free
Model: 1930

Important notice! This product is currently only available for orders from Hungary. If you would like to place an order from another country, please get in touch with us. We have a network of resellers in some countries, and we will redirect inquiries from there to our partners.

The Pantech B series can be operated at a lower output than cast-iron fireplace inserts and still offer excellent efficiency. Closed combustion chamber. External air supply with air preheating system. 4 mm wall thickness, lining with fireclay vermiculite, dust collection and flame arrestor system with cast smoke dampers. The result of long development work at a high level. Discreet control, maximum glass area, NERO glazing. This fireplace insert has been developed with advanced technology to meet the expectations of the future.

Our fireplace insert complies with the Ecodesign standard.

This product belongs to energy class A+

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Diameter of the smoke outlet 200
Efficiency > 80 %
Width 75 cm
Energy Class A+
Height 96 cm
Depth 46 cm
Weight 125 kg
Warranty 5 years
Power 5-9 kW
Maximum length of wood 40 cm

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  • A PanTech fireplace inserts are made of high-quality steel that can withstand extreme temperatures. With an impressive material thickness of 4 mm, they ensure an exceptionally robust structure. Thanks to a closed combustion chamber, they draw their air exclusively from the outside, maximizing the protection of the living space.
  •  Additionally, a heat and fire-resistant seal at the connection between the door frame and the glass ensures a complete seal of the combustion chamber.
  •  An integrated smoke damper allows precise control of the smoke flow inside the closed fireplace insert to prevent any smoke from entering the living space.This feature is often not available as standard or as an option with many other manufacturers.
  •  The fire and heat-resistant ceramic glass is designed to withstand temperatures of up to 700°C.
  •  Furthermore, the air distributor contributes to the safe operation of the fireplace by directing external airflow and preventing the escape of embers during operation.

  •  Thanks to the closed combustion chamber and efficient draft control, the efficiency can be increased to over 80%, allowing for a longer burn time compared to conventional fireplace insertst.
  •  An essential accessory for modern fireplace inserts is the heat-resistant vermiculite lining, a special material used to line the combustion chamber. Vermiculite is extremely heat-resistant and increases the combustion temperature inside the fireplace insert, significantly reducing the amount of unburned particles in the smoke.
  • The separate control of combustion air and air curtain using adjustable dampers allows independent adjustment of primary and secondary air supply.
  • The built-in vermiculite in the dust separation and flame propagation system extends the residence time of the smoke gases, leading to increased performance.
  • In PanTech combustion chambers, heat transfer primarily occurs through the heating fins. Proper positioning and size of these fins also contribute to achieving the above-mentioned efficiency of over 80% .

  • By using the draft regulator, you can add more wood at once, which then burns slowly and efficiently.
  • The glass cleaning effect: By introducing secondary air, an air curtain is created on the inside of the glass door, preventing the formation of soot or other deposits on the glass. This effect can be individually adjusted using the air curtain control lever.

  • The NERO ceramic-based glass on the fireplace door creates a maximum glass surface, resulting in a combination with an extremely modern and aesthetic design.
  • This subtle appearance is further emphasized by the wood storage compartment.

  • Vermiculite, a heat-resistant material, increases the combustion temperature in the wood stove, resulting in significantly fewer unburned particles in the smoke. This leads to a clean combustion process that meets current environmental standards.
  • The integrated dust separation and flame control system fully complies with all applicable environmental regulations.