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Fireplace glass cleaners

Multi-part fireplace sets for cleaning the fireplace. 4-piece fireplace cleaning kits usually include a soldering iron, broom, shovel, and tongs.

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Glass cleaner DMO

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Delivery July 04, 2024
7 EUR (5 EUR + VAT)
Article number: 69

It is important to use the fireplace cleaning kit

In terms of the aesthetic appearance of the fireplace and efficient operation, it is essential to use the fireplace cleaning set. Fortunately, you don't have to think about anything complicated, because it's a simple task to clean the fireplace before the start of the heating season. The 4-piece fireplace cleaning set includes tools such as a broom, shovel, pick iron and tongs.
Of course, it is available in various stylish designs, so it looks good next to the fireplace. Also, you don't have to store it in another room, so it's always at hand when you need it. It is worth regularly removing the combustion products from the wall of the fireplace, because this can greatly reduce the efficiency if it is deposited thickly. With the help of the fireplace cleaning kit, this task can be done easily. Internal elements are removed during thorough cleaning. They can be easily removed as they are not fixed. The ash can be removed without a trace using a broom and shovel.

First of all, the view of the fireplace is what appeals to many. However, this view can only be truly enjoyed through clear glass. If it becomes sooty or opalescent, it is advisable to use fireplace glass cleaner. This is the most spectacular part of cleaning the fireplace, as nothing will obstruct the intimate view of the fireplace. Using the fireplace cleaning set and the glass cleaner, the fireplace and the heat-resistant glass can be completely renewed, which allows for an aesthetic appearance. This allows the fireplace to shine like it did when it was new.