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Heat drums

The heat drum is an additional element of fireplaces. Its role is to increase the efficiency of heating. By connecting to the fireplace, we can increase the heat-dissipating surface and enable the flow of flue gas at a lower temperature in the chimney. It also helps to increase convection air flow and achieve higher performance.

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Water heat drum Maxi

4 pcs in stock
Delivery July 23, 2024
362 EUR (285 EUR + VAT)
Article number: 1076

heat drum Mini

8 pcs in stock
Delivery July 23, 2024
308 EUR (243 EUR + VAT)
Article number: 1270

Heat drum d150

11 pcs in stock
Delivery July 23, 2024
191 EUR (150 EUR + VAT)
Article number: 2062

Heat drum d200

4 pcs in stock
Delivery July 23, 2024
267 EUR (210 EUR + VAT)
Article number: 2063

Higher performance fireplace with heat drum

Most people agree that the fireplace is perhaps the most stylish heating device. Today's modern models are not only decorative, but also much safer and their efficiency is outstanding. This efficiency can also be increased with accessories such as a fireplace heater. This after-heat recovery element is used when connecting the flue pipe. The fireplace heater utilizes the high temperature of the flue gas leaving the device, thereby greatly increasing the heating of the room. Despite its advantages, the fireplace heat drum can only be used in suitable conditions and it is very important that the right size fireplace heat drum is installed.

Using a fireplace heat drum in a safe environment

First of all, you need a suitable draft chimney. It is worth using a fireplace heat drum mainly when the performance of the selected fireplace is not sufficient for us.
The special feature of the heat drum lies in the placement of the heat transfer tubes. Thanks to the heat drum of the fireplace, the convection air flow can be greatly increased, thus significantly higher performance can be achieved, since the efficiency of the fireplace is raised above 80% by utilizing the heat of the flue gas, in the case of models where this value is below 80%. These accessories can usually be connected to any fireplace. Before installation, it is worth conducting a preliminary survey with an experienced specialist in order to choose the right model. This way, you can be richer not only with a beautiful, but also with a much more efficient fireplace.