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Our showrooms

Hungary's largest fireplace showroom in Üllő + virtual tour in the showroom in Budapest.

What does the warmth of home mean to you? For us, it means much more than a cozy, homely environment. It's not just a business, for us it's a calling to bring the magic of fire into your home. From design to lighting, we'll help you in everything, so you only need to create your dream fireplace and we'll take care of everything. We also think it's important that our customers have the opportunity to get ideas before they start planning, which is why we have set up our showroom.

 Fireplace showrooms in Budapest and in Üllő

We opened our showroom in Budapest 30 years ago, where visitors can always check the latest fireplaces in line with the latest trends. Currently, 81 fireplace inserts are exhibited, 24 of which can be viewed with complete cladding.

In addition, we have 20 electric and several bio fireplaces of different types on display to make the choice easier for those who are primarily thinking of a non-wood-burning fireplace.

In April 2023, our second showroom opened in Üllő, which is the largest fireplace showroom in the country.

Why should you visit us?

When you come up with the idea of enchanting your home, you certainly have a number of ideas in mind. You also need to find solutions for a number of situations. Maybe you want your fireplace to be placed in a special location, or maybe you have an idea all your own and want to see as many pieces as possible exhibited.

Whatever your dream, we can make it a reality. With 30 years of experience under our belt, we're dedicated to solving any problem you have, and our team of experts is ready to help you make your fireplace a reality. When you visit our showroom, our staff will be happy to answer your questions and help you with the design on site.

A decision for life

We know very well that building a fireplace is not a decision for a short time, but for a lifetime, and that it can serve generations. That is why our company works with the highest quality materials and the latest manufacturing technology.

We started as a family business with one goal and that is still our guiding principle today: quality, expertise and customer focus. In 30 years, we have designed and installed thousands of fireplaces, and all those years of experience have helped us to ensure that when you visit our showroom, you feel you have choose to the best possible supplier.

Your satisfaction is our mission

Our large showroom is a real paradise of ideas, as you will find pieces ranging from modern fireplaces to traditional designs. You may want to combine 3 different styles of cladding, which is even easier to put into words when you see it for yourself.

We're pleased that thanks to our showroom, you will be able to make a confident decision. Among other things, you can touch the surfaces on site, feel the textures with your fingers, see how the materials meet and how a wooden and a glass surface mesh perfectly. You can feel the full reality of cool marble or warm wooden elements that will surely help you make the right choice.

Tell our expert colleagues about your plans, expectations and dreams, and you will have a more concrete idea after your first visit. This will help you choose an even better fireplace for your home. Our team is committed to providing the best possible service on the market, and so far we have succeeded. Take the first step, visit our showroom and let's start a rollicking collaboration today.

Take a virtual tour

Map and contact details

The adress of our showrooms: 

I.Showroom in Budapest: Budapest 1103, Kőér Str. 16. (Sale of products in the showroom i Üllő)
Mobil: +36 20 224 7504
Open: M-F: 8 AM - 5 PM, Sa: 8 AM-12 PM (Open on Saturdays every odd week)

II.Showroom in Üllő, central office and warehouse: 
2225 Üllő, Hatháza Str 14. (hrs. - 3342/6.)
Mobil: +36 20 341 1217
Open: M-F: 8 AM- 5 PM, Sa: 8 AM -12 PM

Email address:
Order and request for:  Request for

In our showroom in Budapest, it is possible to pay by bank card, but goods are only sold in Üllő.

Showroom in Budapest

Showroom in Üllő, central office and warehouse

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