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Manufacturer's warranty

.... Technical kandallóbetétek gyártása

We are the only company in Hungary that can offer everything from the purchase of fireplaces to service from a single source, as we have been manufacturing our products for 20 years, constantly improving our technology.

Technical kandallóbetétek gyártása modern technológiával


We are so confident in the quality of our fireplaces that we offer a 5-7 year guarantee on every purchase, and in case of repairs you can contact us directly for help.

Technical kandallóbetétek gyártása

Our fireplaces have received the highest possible rating in their category in the latest and most stringent TUV tests to European standards. Our water-room, water jacket, cast iron and EVO fireplaces, when combined with the correct heating accessories, achieve an efficiency rating of over 80%, which is the highest percentage available.

Technical Kandallóbetétek

We also believe that it is important to protect our environment. Therefore, it is a priority for us to use our technology in a way that minimizes emissions and keeps the air clean.

Technical Kandalló gyártás

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